Sunday, February 6, 2011

28 weeks

Not much new to discuss, so I thought I'd fill out a little survey that I see floating around the pregnancy blogs now and again.

How far along are you?  28weeks. This doesn't translate into 7 months, btw.

How much weight have you gained?  between 17-22lbs

Any weird cravings? Nope! I went through a salad phase, does that count? Every once and a while I'll say something like "I could really go for some goat cheese" and because my husband is awesome he'll go buy it for me.  But really, its been easy to eat pretty healthy. Plus, I'm trying to make sure I eat a variety of foods, particularly spicy or bitter foods, because they say that the baby can taste the flavors in the amniotic fluid.  This could make them more likely to actually enjoy those difficult flavors later in life. Worth a shot! 

Are you in maternity clothes? I've been in maternity pants for months  now, but I've officially made the transition into maternity shirts. I don't have that many so be prepared to see a lot of the same outfits!

How are you feeling? Pretty lousy :(  I shouldn't complain because I know I've had it pretty easy, but the "insomnia" is really getting to me and the back aches are debilitating some days.  Getting exercise really does help with the aches and pains, but it just adds to the exhaustion. I just want to be able to lay on my back again.

Are you "eating for two"? No, actually. My appetite has really shrunk recently. I have to start getting some of those protein shakes to make up the calories

What scares you the most about pregnancy? I'm not too scared of labor and delivery. I have a pretty high pain threshold and women give birth all the time. I'm more scared of what to do with the baby when it comes home!

What are you most excited for? My husband to hold the baby.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Third trimester begins!

With the start of the third trimester comes good news: I passed my diabetes test!

(Well, I'm assuming because my office does this thing where they don't call with bad news)

Cookies and candy for everyone!

In other news: I begin my 2x a month appointments. We're getting close!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

27 weeks


I missed taking a picture last week.  My dad was in town and I never got around to taking one. It was really great seeing him.  It gets a little lonely being pregnant so far from your family. Plus, it is tough to go out with friends due to the exhaustion and the tendency for social gatherings to be at bars/drinking related.

The baby is doing well as far as I can tell. He moves around so much I've started imagining his life as a ninja.  I think he shifted recently, going from transverse (sideways) to up and down.  Hopefully he isn't breech, but there is still time for him to move into position so I'm not too worried.  My next appointment is tomorrow where I'll be tested for gestational diabetes. Its not due to any risk factor, they do it for every patient. I'll update the results when I get them.