Tuesday, January 11, 2011

24 weeks

Can you tell how exhausted I am? I'm told I'll never sleep again.

So I'm officially 6 months pregnant...crazy huh? With this great milestone comes the relief of knowing that the odds of my baby surviving preterm labor today are very good.  It is the week where your child is viable outside of the womb.  Exciting!  Although I'm expecting Clark to cook a little while longer, it is nice to know that he can be here safely any day now. :)

I'm doing MUCH better than last week. My back pains have mostly subsided and I've gotten used to the contractions.  Now I'm just cranky because I'm snowed in. I hate snow.  The upside to the snow is that we've been able to really work on the foundations of the nursery.  We primed and painted the walls and ceiling, plus decided to add crown moulding :)  We salvaged the crown moulding that was torn off our basement walls during the great flood of 2009.  Even though moulding is extremely cheap I was very happy that a few feet of decorative trim was saved from the landfill. Always makes me happy to recycle!

Next up on the nursery front:
- We're ordering the glider next week (a gift from my mom and dad-- Thanks!)
- Still have to paint the door and the closet doors
- We already ordered the window treatments and the bedding, but that won't come in until mid February
- Still need a mattress and a dresser
- New door handle for the outside door and the closet doors, new light switch and outlet covers, and a new pull for the ceiling fan
- We're thinking about spray painting the ceiling fan too, its pretty hideous. But that is a job for warmer weather
-Decor, Decor, Decor! i.e. the fun part :)

Don't you love the fluffy green rug?

I enhanced the contrast for this pic so you can see the blue ceiling better. In real life it is very subtle.


  1. Nursery looks great! And so do you!

    Which crib is that?

  2. Thanks Bonita!
    From JCPenny, Renew Standard in Coffee (of course, I just looked it up and the price dropped nearly 60$, grrrr)