Saturday, March 12, 2011

32 and 33 weeks!

Two for one today! 

So as many of you know, last weekend we had a special trip to the Labor & Delivery (L&D) unit of our hospital.  Starting last Friday night, I was REALLY uncomfortable, had some back pain, and was having braxton hicks contractions.  The BH contractions weren't getting any closer together and they felt sort of sporadic, so I just went to bed early and didn't worry.  Saturday, the BH contractions woke me up early and then they started coming every 5 minutes even though I was drinking water and just sitting at the computer.  I called the doctor and she said that I should lay down for an hour and if they don't go away I should come in.
Well. I don't do "relaxing" very well.  We happened to have our hospital tour that morning so I figured I'd go to that and if they didn't stop I'd just, well, stay.  Of course, after the tour I was very hungry and I was afraid they wouldn't let me eat if they admitted me so I decided to go home and grab some lunch.  I felt a little better after lunch, so I decided to go to work.

Mistake #568.  The contractions starting hurting while I was at work, so I went over to L&D where I was admitted right away and hooked up to all kinds cool equipment.  I laid there for an hour and wouldn't you know it? The contractions went away :)

I guess I should listen to my doctor...

Anyway, they checked my cervix and swabbed for labor hormone secretion and told me I was safe to go home but needed to take it easy and drink TONS of water. So I'm up to about 100 ounces a day and trying to spend at least 50% of my day off my feet. 

Labor progress:  I'm feeling better and the BH contractions are very few and far between now.  I'm having some back pain but nothing serious. I still don't think he's "dropped" and I'm not even sure what position he's in these days. My next appointment is on Wed and I'm hoping she'll let me know if he's breech (which I have a feeling he is, booo).

Nursery progress: We got in the recliner! It is so awesome but I think I've missed the stage where sleeping in it was necessary. Oh well.  We cleaned and painted the closet and installed some basic wire shelving.  We got in the changing station (dresser) and I washed and folded all the cloth diapers.  We also hung the valance.  All that is left is to get an organizing whatsit from Ikea and hang up the decor.  Soon I'll have a picture, but since it is so close, I'm going to wait for the BIG REVEAL :)

Life progress: I am wrapping up experiment 1 of my 6 experiment dissertation in the next few weeks.  It should wrap up by the first week in April, giving me about 3 weeks to relax before the baby arrives.  We've also been working on organizing and cleaning the rest of our house and I think we're almost done decorating the living room. I'll post pictures of that here, too.

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