Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well he did!

Had my 36 week doctors appointment yesterday and while they didn't do an internal exam the nurse practitioner confirmed that all my symptoms seem to indicate that he has dropped into position.

However, she is totally anti-alarmist and doesn't think it is necessary to determine his position or do an internal exam for at least another week. So I'm still worrying about possible breech/transverse scenarios and wondering if I've already dilated a bit.

Along with the obvious belly drop, dropping into position also sometimes means hip and back pain. Since I'm already predisposed for these things, it was no surprise when I woke up barely able to move today. Thankfully, Corey got me a heating pad before leaving for work and I stumbled to a hot shower a few hours later.

I really hope the weather clears up so I can take some walks this week, that always seems to help with hip pain.

This weekend is my 30th birthday (!). My wonderful mother is coming down to help me celebrate and get ready for baby. We keep joking that she'll get home to Philadelphia just to have to turn around and come right back :)

I'll take a picture this weekend and post more after my next doctors appointment (which I think will be next Thursday). Clark will be full term by then, but I've told him he is not allowed to come out until at least the 15th so he isn't too close to Karryssa's birthday (April 5th).

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