Thursday, April 14, 2011

38 week update

I had my 38 week appointment this afternoon and I was surprised to find that I am not yet dilated.  My cervix is soft and the baby has dropped into a great position so my doctor said everything looks great.  Dilation is really not a great sign of impending labor so I'm still in the dark regarding that, but I'm relieved to find out he's head down and dropped into position.  One of my favorite doctors is on call this weekend so I'm kinda hoping I do go into labor :)

I did gain 3 pounds in one week though!! YIKES!  I'm hoping this is body fat or my milk coming in and has no indication of the size Clark will be.  I blame Tovi for sending me home with a fistful of delectables from the baby shower.  And I blame my mom for taking me out to dinner lots.

Yesterday was also my last day at the lab until the Fall semester.  So now it is all about relaxation and getting the house together. Oh and internet shopping (which I'll admit I'm slightly addicted to).

I'm feeling pretty good these days.  Tired and pretty uncomfortable most of the time, but I'm in no rush to get this over with.  The doctors will let me go until 42 weeks before medical intervention and that makes me happy.  I mean, I don't Clark to take THAT long, but at least I don't feel rushed or on some arbitrary deadline.

Here I am last weekend before the baby shower

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