Tuesday, December 14, 2010


After 21 weeks of pregnancy I am finally putting together a baby blog!

Corey and I first found out we were pregnant in August and we were ecstatic.  We had only been trying for a few months and we were thankful that it was so easy for us.  We know quite a few couples who are struggling with infertility, so we certainly count our blessings.

The first few months were marked only by extreme exhaustion.  The simple act of vacuuming after work was enough to make me take a three hour nap.  But I was lucky! I had no morning sickness, only a little queasiness and some major food aversions.  I still can't even think about eggs (ugh).

I'm still doing quite well, but my new body is getting difficult to work with.  I'm trying yoga to help with the back pain and stretching to help me sleep without getting charlie horses in my legs.

I hope to update this blog often, particularly after our little one arrives.
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