Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm I too late to say Merry Christmas?  Maybe I'll just pretend I'm not late this week and just pretend like I'm right on time to say Happy New Year!

This year we hosted Christmas for Corey's side of the family.  It was great to have everyone here for such an extended period of time, but it was exhausting!  My kitchen has very little counter space so it was easier for me to tackle all the cooking for the weekend, but by Sunday I had broken capillaries in my legs from standing so long!  Luckily Corey's parents bought us all pizza that night so I had the evening off :)

Sunday the kids were supposed to arrive by 5pm, but due to a freak snowfall their plane was delayed over 5 hours!  They got back to the house after 11pm and we celebrated a second Christmas on Monday morning.  They've been here ever since, so luckily Corey took them out to the movies today so I could get some rest and relaxation.

This week I've been feeling ok. I'm plagued with exhaustion and heartburn and my back has started hurting from the neck to my tailbone, but I can't complain... much.
Clark has been moving around like a heavyweight kickboxer which keeps me up at night. I'm working to change his schedule a bit and I think its been working a bit.  I think he's going through a growth spurt because I've been super tired and super hungry recently. We'll see. My next appointment is next week sometime, although we won't have an ultrasound.

ps: I just realized this is the same shirt I was wearing in the 9weeks photo. I wonder how much longer it will fit!

Here is a photo of our very first Christmas tree. Don't judge the sparseness of it, please.  We'll get more decorations as the years go on but we're very happy with the way it turned out this year.

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